1I was not there,
Where you were.
Somewhere far away from me,
You lived your life,
We never met.
Yes, that is the fate.

2I can yet feel,
Your pulses within me!
The way you feel,
And the way you cry.
Strangers in this world,
Do converge somewhere.

3I was trying to find that place,
Where we can sit together and sing.
But, we are far apart.
I do not know,
If I have moved away from you,
Or you have left me behind.

4‘Peoplescape’ and the stories we want to eke out,
Not really knowing where to belong,
Actually to whom to belong?
I am so engulfed by myself,
That I am a born loner.
I am here to traverse through these stories,
To where? Do not know.
Some people call it destiny.

5But I never was there,
Where you were.
Yet, you see, I loved you.
And you did too!
Yes, you may call this ‘destiny’.
Funny, is not it,
How the strangers meet!

6Is there anything there?
Underneath, in our sub conscious?
Some food for thought,
Something to live by?
Did I ever touch you?
Did we search for anything together?
Nothing really!
Yet, I can feel you-even chin deep in life!

7Lives never converged.
I only exchanged happy smiles,
Bode farewell to few with moist eyes, that’s all!
Inspite of all these,
After getting duly bored in due course
By mathematics and romantics,
A tiny wave in my brain,
Keeps acting, vibrating,
Creating an unending quiz.

8I actually do not know if I am alive.
Or let’s say, if I have a bodily form,
Ear, Eyes, Nose, Legs?
Once ‘she’ told me as I was an unknown,
That makes me interesting!
I understood her perfectly,
Being known is un-interesting!
I never tried to know my girl friends,
Just to keep them eternally interesting!
It’s good to not to decipher life,
To keep life ever amusing!

9I may keep waiting eternally,
For a homecoming,
To share some sparks of life,
Fond memories, holding of hands,
To let time flow the memory lane, yes togetherness.
But, the fact remains that,
I was never there,
Where you were, my love!


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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Rupamanjari Biswas
    Wonderful feeling. Nostalgia for the ‘unknown’!

    Samik Ghosh
    Osadharon visuals with text

    Sumana Saha
    Wonderful! “Kono Ek Bodh Kaaj Korey,/ Maathar Bhitorey!”
    “Haowa boy shon shon, Tarara kaanpey! / Hridoye ki jong dhorey purono khaapey? / Kaal chool elomelo, kibaa taatey elo gyalo, / Kaar chokhey koto jol ke baa ta maapey?”— Je jaar moto bujhe naao! smile emoticon

    Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee
    “তুমি আছ
    আমি আছি তাই
    অনুভবে তোমারে যে পাই।”
    কিছু লেখা যেমন পড়া হয়েও শেষ হয় না, ভাবনা চলতেই থাকে, তোমার এই লেখাটাও তেমন ।

    Anuttama Ghosh
    Very sensitive

    Sucharita Majumdar
    Laglo bhalo besh , tobey bujhlam kom.

    Shubhashis Mitra
    to Sucharita Majumdar- Na bojhar ki ache??! Na bujhe bhalo lagata obosyo aro interesting, bujhe bhalo lagar theke.

    Madhushree Padmanaban
    Daruun mane daaruun. SUPERB Sukul,.Keep it up.

    Suddhasattwa Bhattacharya
    ভালো লাগলো

    Geetarashmi Basu
    কি মোহময় তোর লেখা সুকুল ! সাথের ছবি গুলি যেন পূর্ণতা দেয় তোর ভাবনাকে । সব মিলিয়ে অসাধারণ ।

    Manidipa Kahali
    Kuhb bhalo laglo Sukul

    Sancharini Tripathi

    Shelley Bhattacharya
    very enjoyable and nostalgic. You should have been a poet rather than a banker.

    Saumya Chakrabarty
    Dear Shubhashis-da,
    saradin-r kaj r par mail khule emon akta asadharon upohar r jonyo asankhya dhanyabad….!!
    kono-din i hayto ar mati-r/shikar-r kachhe phera habe-na….kintu ei-rakam lekha ar chhobi guloi…benche thakte sahajjyo korbe…..
    ami to prantik manush der niye gabeshona karar cheshta kori, tai apnar lekhata onyo akta anondo-o dilo….!!!!
    apekkhay thaklam amon aro anek kichhur…..

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