Vagabonds! – by Ravi Kant Dwivedi

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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    The original script from Ravi Kant Dwivedi reached me, and I just could not make anything out of the Bengali script Ravi Kant created! It appeared like a true abstract art to me, I just could decipher the name of Rhitwik Ghatak. The script was forwarded to Prosit Mukherjee, who ultimately decipehred the terrible Bengali of Ravi Kant. Naturally, I really do not know, whom really to thank for this article….

    It is sad that Santiniketan is no more a place of such vagabonds!

  2. admin says:

    Since inception, people from all around India have enriched Santiniketan by their presence, their openness in embracing the culture and values of Santiniketan. Ravi carries that Flag. All we could do as Editors were to add few illustrations…but our sincere thanks to Ravi for sharing this experience in his own inimitable way!
    Jai Guru!

  3. aurosree says:

    Wonderful Ravi . The language is not important here , important is to see through an onlooker who came for the first time way back in 1975 taking his first look at Santiniketan and feelings he did bear in mind . You have put it in a very simplistic manner speaking straight from the heart . 1975 – we were at the peak of our adolescence just at the threshhold of college . We were young , santiniketan was young , society was fast changing and I think we took the brunt of this transition at all levels . With us and the time santiniketan have gone ahead and with the onslaught of heavy materialism it seems rather lifeless . But that is fine , change is inevitable and rather only permanent aspect of life . With change the transformations will take place and things will evolve to betterment . Vagabonds have grown in numbers but that rustic look or habit of sipping their life inspiring drinks have taken a hide into the furnished drawing rooms . The santals have started wearing clothes covering those rustic beauties and so does the society . Everywhere there is a cover , a veil and the openness have gone .

  4. Ravi Dwivedi says:

    thanks Sukul and particularly Boltu for taking the trouble to correct the spellings and language. It is here at Santiniketan where I have opened my eyes to see things deeply and in original forms for which I’m indebted to my great teachers, friends and all people around who helped me in my most transitional phase to understand the meaning of life in real sense and values.

  5. tapas basu says:

    মনে পড়ে গেল আজ এই মুহুর্তে নির্মল সুন্দর ঝলমলে সকালে
    সব আনন্দ পেলাম আমি খালি শুধু মোদের গুরুদেবের নাম বলে
    কি যে বলব , কি যে শুনব আজ , কেবল আমি আকুল হয়ে গুনি
    আজ সন্ধ্যেবেলায় ভরে উঠবে মুখর হয়ে সেই মুহর্ত শুধু তাঁর কথা শুনি
    পেয়েছি মোদের সঙ্গ , কেটেছে মোদের সময় , তোমার কথায় ও গানে
    এই পাওয়ার আর শেষ নেই , এ যেন এক স্বপন ভাবি তাই আকুল মনে
    যুগে যুগে প্রচার হবে চারিদিকে তোমার সেই সব অমূল্য বানী ও বার্তা
    মানুষ জানবে ও বুঝবে তাদের মনুষত্ব তুমি কি এনেছে বয়ে সেই স্বর্তা
    জাগিয়েছ তুমি আজ ভাব সকল মোদের মনের ও হৃদয়ের সেই মাঝে
    করি উপলব্ধি সব সময়ে তাঁকে যিনি থাকন মোদের সকল কাজের মাঝে
    তাই তো দেখি সবসময়ে এই বিশ্বলোকে এসে ছিলেন মোদের মধ্যে একজন
    কখন ভুলিনা তাঁর সেই সৃষ্টি মোদের মনের মাঝে সদাই বিরাজ শান্তিনিকেতন

  6. debsircar says:

    This writing is a quick, crisp shot of Santiniketan and it has touched the terrible fact that Santiniketan does not have those kind of Vagabonds any more. I wish I could be one !!
    Very well constructed Ravi.

  7. Mohua Biswas says:

    ravi da darun laglo pore ….

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