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  1. Shubhashis says:

    The moot point that you referred but never elaborated is, if anyone ever got interested by your ‘Elvis Looks?’

    Or whether, Sreesadan at that point of time was at all aware of the ‘Elvis’ hanging around, with a fair mixture of ‘Jabakusum’ & Brylcreem! Woof, unimaginable, Jabakusum had such a strong (yet unmanly?) scent……

    The question creeps up in my mind, as I can recall several flop attempts by many of us whie treading on the Sreesadan road!

  2. Bishshojit Ganguly says:


    Read your comments with a “Chesire cat grin” on my face!

    Yes, those parades (or Peacock strutting) did yield some interesting results. None long-term. As far as I know those curious respondents are today married and occupy respectable “perches” in their respective communities….. thus, no naming names.

    Regarding the olfactory clashes of “Jabakusum” and “Brylcreem”; you see therein lay my brilliant discovery, that is Brylcreem tended to mask the musky odor of the former, yet made the hair very manageable!!!

    There you go…you have the answer from the “practitioner” himself!!!


    Bishshojit Ganguly

  3. madhumita bhattacharya says:

    a nice glimpse of normal behaviour. Good one indeed. would like to read more such…..

  4. Samit Mukherjee says:

    50% Jabakusum +50% Brylcreem ! Who said Santiniketan is not open to new ideas or experimentation?

  5. খুব ভালো লেগেছে…

  6. Tapas Basu says:

    An innocent submission indeed….

  7. ravi kant dwivedi says:

    ha-ha…. the famous DUKKHOHARON road, i think all Elvis and later Amitabh Bacchans had walked on that road with great hope. wonderful indeed !!!

  8. Geetarashmi Basu says:

    Onek din eto sundor ekta lekha porini!….

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