The Artists these days hardly paint landscapes, except the new hands at painting in art schools. The photographers, now overburdened with macro, micro and selfies hardly capture the landscape. To most of us, pristine landscape is only a matter of well planned holiday for a week or so when other holiday destinations become too hectic.

Nature, and landscape, however remains an integral part of me. Every weekend, at least a few hours of vast open landscape has now become a regular part of my life. It offers me quite a few vital things. First of all a huge expanse to my eyes to make myself small again, to realize in no uncertain terms my exact position in life. In this gigantic game of creation, it is perhaps important to know that I am a very tiny part. The sense of equality among everything around, both people and nature, interestingly is a very strong vehicle to keep one’s soul free from a plethora of false notions, the most pertinent being the hugely over emphasized importance of ‘the individual’. Well, to be very frank, one might try hard to cultivate an ‘attitude’ to polish the individual, in reality, that hardly matters! Among the vast expanse of landscapes one is bound to get lost into the myriad of ‘attitudes’ of the Nature. Obviously, there is much more to life, than the exclusive ‘me’.

Often down the present tense of ‘Now’, I get delightedly lost into Nature, or maybe into myself, or maybe into the amazement called ‘life’. To define every feeling explicitly by words becomes impossible; in fact mind learns the trick to jump away from the boundary of words, grammar and sentences, into a world where feelings cannot be expressed anymore. It is time now to traverse beyond even the expressions, it is time to embrace ‘creation’.

I have been with you for so long, I don’t remember, maybe 100 years, or maybe 1000 years, or maybe thousands and thousands of years, travelling with you, with a smile in my face, as always. I have tirelessly moved along with you in my heart, mind and soul, to get rejuvenated in every instance, to feel assured that, life is really worth living.
Regrads, Shubhashis

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