Far flung in time, moving with swift speed,

I am still longing for a deep breath,

after so many years on planet Earth

life is still grasping for some deep realization.

Is there any place for rest?

Any place where I can forget time

at least for a while, and probe deep into the stars,

just letting moments fly into meaningless eternity?

Meaningless? Really?

Is eternity a place where we all ultimately belong?

A place for all identities to coalesce into pure joy?

Can there we feel all the hearts beating alongside mine?

Can there be any place at all, like this?


I don’t know, sometimes I recall Patha Bhavana.

That was where hearts pulsated in tandem.

Stars were a delightfully freaky reality, so were we.

Oxygen was aplenty,

or we had enough composure to breathe in deep.

I know all these words hardly have any meaning today.

The Air Conditioning machines are supposed to supply

breathable Oxygen to us.

The stars have duly vanished

being replaced by halogen lamps at street side.

Noisy time moves pretty fast in Tele Vision or Internet

with the screeches of Formula One races,

where one Adrian Sutil now leads team ‘Force India’.


My brother is settled in Canada,

joining a Green Political Party in fray for elections,

busy keeping GM Crops outside the jurisdiction limit of Vancouver.

I am here in Santiniketan, fairly alone, but not exactly lonely,

trying to keep the ex-students in touch with Santiniketan,

via an absurd web site ‘Muktodhara’.

All these summarizes into the same narrative,

We are all in search of fresh Oxygen.

After so many years in planet Earth,

it is sad that everywhere we are grasping for breath now,

grasping for space, grasping for identity,

even at times grasping to erase that same identity.

It is a long resolute journey.

Sometimes I do recall Patha Bhavana very dearly…


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  1. Tapas Basu says:

    ‘ভাইয়া’ / ‘সুকুল’ … তোমার সুন্দর ছবিতে মন ভরিয়ে দেয় আনন্দ সবকিছুর নির্বেশে , মনে পড়ে যায় ফেলে আসা দিনগুল …”

    তাপসদা |

    • Anonymous says:

      sukulda onek dhonyobaad eto durey bosheyo money hochhey ami shekhaney pouchey gechi.khub bhalo laglo.amar chelebelata tomar chobir madhyomey amar cheleyder chokhey tuley dhortey aroo sahajyo koreychey.

  2. Subho Basu says:

    These photos are great! I love looking at them and feel nostalgic. One of the most memorable aspect of life in Pathabhavana was the rainy season and playing in instantly formed roadside pools. I also remember starlit nights. There used to be late night film show in the hostel. They showed classic movies. I used to walk back home after the movies in the month of April and used to get mesmerized by the beauty of starlit nights. Memories of dark skies of autumn nights lit by stars were permanently still come back to me. Yes! We have sacrificed many things in the illusive search for ‘Development’. The latter may bring may benefits of modernity but many more pleasant surprises of nature would be lost to us.

  3. ravi kant dwivedi says:

    Simply excellent ……

  4. Indrajit Maitra says:

    হ্যাঁ সুকুল,

    সম্প্রতি, সত্যি মনে হচ্ছে ‘পাঠভবন’ ধীরে ধীরে আমাদের (প্রাক্তনীদের) কাছে স্বপ্নেই পরিণত হয়ে যাবে।বাস্তবের ভাবনা থেকে ক্রমশ অনেক দূরে সরে যাচ্ছি।তোমাদের জন্য অনেক শুভেচ্ছা রইলো।
    ইন্দ্রজিত দা

  5. Shubhashis says:

    Jiboner Somostokichu-i Protiniyotoh Notun Kore Khunje Dekhte Hoy. Ami Sototo-i Ashabadi, Manush Hisebe Ei Ekti Dhormo-i Obolombon Kore Cholar Asha Rakhi…..tobe Dictionary-te ‘Ashahoto’ bole ekti sobdo ache, seta-o jani.
    Satyi Bolte, Esob kichu-i tomader moto senior der kach theke-i sekha….

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