“Saptoparno” by Shri Indrajit Maitra; March,2013 – Pratham Khando, Dwitiyo Paricched

Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_01 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_02 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_03 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_04 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_05 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_06 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_07 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_08 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_09 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_10 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_11 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_12 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_13 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_14 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_15 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_16 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_17 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_18 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_19 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_20 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_21 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_22 Saptoparno_K1P2_v2_Page_23

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  1. madhumita bhattacharya says:


  2. Shubhashis says:

    What a fascinating development. Is it history, or recreation of history based on the imagination of the writer? If it is imagination; then what a brilliant way to imagine events! Its a livid scenario, I never could imagine that history could be so gripping. I only lament the fact that I know so little of Jainism; I shall certainly brush up my knowledge before the next chapter.

    Indrajitda, I am excited to the hilt, it is going to be a master-piece as I can foresee!

  3. Indrajit Maitra says:

    My dear friend,

    A novel writer has no right to distort History but the places where the history remain silent, the story writer may take over the stage and try to fill up the blanks with his imaginations. se-tukui ‘shilpir swadhinota’.

    tomra jano ami sahityik ba oitihasik, konotai noi. ami peshagoto dik theke ekjon mistri. goto tin bochhorer sadhana cholchhe ei uponyas ti lekhar pichhone. tomader valo lagle amar sadhana sarthak. Tobe amar dharana der-bochhor (one and half year) lege jabe sheshh korte, tato din web site er patthak der dhoyirja thakbe ki ?

    Indrajit da

  4. Shubhashis says:

    Dear Indrajitda,

    Thakbe, thakbe! I have already received inquiry about availability of this in e-book format! Well, as far I know the novel will have approximately 20 chapters; and hence at the rate of 1 chapter per month it is expected to be published over a span of almost 2 years. My suggestion is please do not hurry over publication, take your own time to research,write and edit. I can easily foresee that no such angle was envisaged to explore the ‘Chatimtala’ before, so this search for ‘Saptaporno’ will be an unique one; so we can understand the prolonged time span. It is expected, and hence please do not worry over that.

    In the meanwhile, we shall have to explore the possibility of availability of both part 1&2 (that is published so far) in one single thread.

    I am personally very excited over “Saptoporno’. Best Wishes!


    • Indrajit Maitra says:


      web site e sob published porichchhedguli ke eksonge available korar kotha ami er age prosit (boltu) ke propose korechhi. hole valo hoy. amar ei prochesta kobe complete hobe ami nijeo janina. tobe muktodhara te publish korar amar ekti prodhan uddeshyo, ekta time frame er modhye nijeke bendhe fela.
      kintu er modhye puropuri nijeke diye dite hoyechhe. jar fole amar anyanya activities restricted hoye gechhe. loke bolchhe, shunchhi, “tmar dekha nai re tomar dekha nai…”

      Indrajit da

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