santiniketan e jatrar pala




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  1. Shubhashis says:

    Enjoyed every bit of the old relic; in our childhood days we were also fascinated by watching the crass broken-skinned male feet of heavily dressed queens in the Jatra Palas. Last year I watched a Jatra, this time incredibly the villain was the main character. In these days Jatra Palas are interspersed with typical Hindi cinema item songs, and I heard a lady in her mid thirties, singing with a few twists of her hips-“Sialdah theke Santa Gachi, Half Ticket-e Periye Gechi; Sedin Ticket Checker Babu Bolen, Ebar Theke Full Ticket- Tumi To ar Nei Churi” (Dont exactly remember the lyric-but that was the sense). In delight of ultimately being a “JUBOTI”, as declared by the Checher-Babu, the mid 30 lady gave a robust dance. I was along my son, he was plain amazed, I had a hefty laugh….

  2. Soumen Mahanta says:

    Ha ha hee hee ho ho…darun laglo… amio Jatra koreche amader grame early 70’s @ Burdwan…khub bhalo laglo…thanks and yhe dil mange more….

  3. Debabrata Bhattacharjee says:

    Thanks Bhaiya for the article. It brought memories of the Jatra during the Pous mela. I used to attend the Jatra almoost every year during my student days at Santiniketan and even after I left Santiniketan. This is one of the most important ex cultural celebration of West Bengal and has been like that for centuries as the only entertainment for the millions of villagers of West Bengal and probably India. Unfortunately it is a dying culture now but I am always on the look out in You Tube to see jatra being played somewhere.

    • Shubhashis says:

      The article was written by Bisshojit Ganguly, ex-pathabhavan early 60s, now settled in USA; so all thanks should be due to him. Apnar-o erokom golpo tolpo ache naki? Sanonde publish korbo! Bhebe dekhun!

  4. Barsanjit Mazumder says:

    ha ha ha darun laglo. Hya mone porche jatra te onek obhinetai oi bhabe dialogue bolto. Green room theke biri tante tante eshe thik stage e othar age biri ta phele stage uthto including je sitar obhinoi korche sheo.

  5. Tapas Basu says:

    Khub bhalp laaglo, Poush utsober graameen Mela’r ekta anga… Intrelecual de’r mantyabyao byango abdithaake jeno taaNder Graamer Saaboleel ananadata nasta korra’r kono adhikar nei…

  6. Geetarashmi Basu says:

    Bhalo lagai poripurno holam!…Eai rokom jatrapala dekhar obhigota amader onekeri achhe bodh hoi …kintu shishu mone tar protipholoner shabolil chitrayon mugdho korlo!

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