Recent Experience of Pawandeep Singh, Student of Integrated Science Dept. VB

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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Janak Jhankar Narzary

    Piyali Palit
    Wonderful !

    Sukumar Roy
    I only wish to see many more examples like this one to take VB in a new high

    Subho Sarkar
    So nicely portrayed thank you Pawandeep.

    Dear Shubhasis
    I have enjoyed going through the post. Stuart is good friend of mine. He was a phd student and I was a postdoct of Prof Bernard Patten. Pawandeep is good student of mine, during his selection in Willmington I exercised my own relations. Anyway I am very happy that my student has entered in our international research group. He mentioned about Brian and Prof Ulanowicz, they are also still collaborators of my research group.
    In fact last year Prof Patten, Brian and Stuart came to Santiniketan.
    It will be my pleasure if Pawandeep gets success in future on mathematical ecology and I hope he will.
    Best wishes,
    Santanu da

    Simontika Deb
    A completely different feeling ,so pleasant ! Bharot abar jogot sabhay shrestho ason lobe.

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