THE FESTIVAL OF ENLIGHTENMENT( it’s driving the world with light)

The world is down with a shiver
when people at the road seem to quiver
the people then embrace each other, marking the festival of light
forgetting all their plight, this winter

The society seem to have draped the overcoat of happiness
with all the energy , forgetting the clumsiness
every year , every winter

buildings have new paints on them, with hanging lights form top
people have new clothes on them and have smiles begin to crop
every year, every winter

we need ourselves also to be free from the various hindrances,
from jealousy, anxiety and greediness

then only we can fulfill the true meaning of the lightening festival
when every would be happy and equal

lets take an oath of lightening a lamp in the life of a darkened
happiness lies in spreading not in the suppressed


We always do a thing that is “complain”
its a common habit from which we cannot refrain’

people blame others for the inconvenience
rather than being responsible and follow obedience

I wake up everyday with the smoke of my grill
but I laugh at it everyday coz my heart says to chill

my father told me to remain complacent in whatever situation i face
then only i won’t complain and solve every problem with grace

and I apply this funda when i have troubles in my life
and i cope out easily without using any knife

happiness always stays at your possession when you are complacent
so stay calm, cool and never be a complainant

use this as the “gum” to stick the happy moments with you
and pop the “air bubbles” of complains that come between the happy moments and your view

ARE YOU SAD ??????

We often tend to be sad and consider ourselves to have failed
as if life has ended as if we are jailed

but life has many new and good things to offer
life is meant to find new solutions not meant to be in the same place and suffer

often people get crumbled to the circumstances that appear
these are meant to be tackled and not fear

so life always can give you reasons to fall
it is your choice whether to walk with heads high or whether to crawl

everytime life is giving you a trouble
try to be a piece of rubber not a bubble

A POEM written by me to inspire the dead
so as they can move out of despair and walk ahead

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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Jeet, all I can say is that you have got an attitude. It is for you to nurture it further….
    Inspiring read.

  2. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Krishna Sinha
    A great institution of learning Indian culture, desire to be updated and upgraded regularly..thx. GM.

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