Pretty and quiet, only a bit aggressive very occasionally, Kopai is a sedate but charmed existence. Even the tiniest stream of life, etches out its own story, fairly subtle and drooling. I have spent fair amount of leisure time by the banks of Kopai, just doing nothing to be precise, only accidentally the camera was with me, that’s all, and nothing else. The banks of Kopai are a good place to engage in the huge luxury of doing nothing for few hours in weekends. This is also the time to forget most of the humdrum of living, and enjoy a sedate and peaceful flow of life at leisure.

The images Kopai create, interestingly, varies widely with the seasons. The river, or the rivulet to be more exact, is in perfect tune with nature, and changes seasonally, from non descript to a rather robust one, with a history of flooding the banks every half decade or so. Even the overflow is mostly manageable, so a pretty dear rivulet to people. With only the brick kiln as industry on its banks, Kopai is pollution free as well.

Maybe this is an illusion- a boat journey on Kopai? With no one around, and the boat in a slanted nap on the banks, makes me wonder. Kopai might be having its own mysteries! Well, it appears to be the ultimate luxury of imagination, but the situation was real! Perhaps the boat was used just to cross the river.

The banks of Kopai are convenient places to cross over the river of life as well. Makeshift crematoriums are a regular feature of Kopai. This tiny rivulet helps a lot of people to cross over to the altogether other realm. It is the life cycle in full view.

The crossover in real life is no easy job either, with a lady in clutches (extreme left) treads into waist deep water, aided by other family members. The struggle of existence beams the joy and excitement of life in their faces. The story of Kopai is more or less the same; it’s the struggle of the rivulet to eke out a flow and the excitement of undertaking a journey.

At times I can really feel the past, the shades of life slowly fading away in the falling lights. So much time has passed in my life, along with the banks of Kopai, creating the bits and pieces memory. Even ‘the memory’ is asking for a gracious goodbye from me. So many finer moments have already taken their leave from mind, and floated away into non cognizable realities of existence. The river effectively washes off time from me, you and everyone else. How beautiful it is!

Someday, I might have sat under this tree, sang a few songs with a guitar in hand. May be, may not be my girl friend was here with me! Now she is not, but Kopai flows as nonchalant as ever. The sweet rivulet neither accepts nor rejects anyone; it’s just coexistence, true and for all time! How sincere it is!

You can come and be part of this shade of life, to rest for a while, letting the time forget the seconds, minutes and even the hours. The mild breeze will let joys and sorrows disperse from the ugly clutches of life, one can just be one’s own self and nothing else. You won’t even need a mirror to look at your-’self’. Actually who cares really? How at ease with itself, it is!

New life will erupt, with new joys and aspirations. The rivulet will welcome them with natural warmth. New realizations will materialize in younger minds; the rivulet will remain always a part of life. How essentially truthful it is!
Regards, Shubhashis

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