Jeet (Uttam) Kumar Choudhury is a student of BA First Year Chinese Deptt, Visva Bharati University, heavily engrossed into poetry both in English & Hindi, already getting prizes in intra-college (within VBU) debates, or in all India essay competitions. Originally from Dhanbad, he is interested in getting into Journalism, related to China in India or abroad. He is also interested, or rather I should say focused on creating literature which can inspire the youth- this attitude is very well reflected in his poetry, which is being shared with all. On behalf of ex-students -we wish him all the bests with warm heart and a very warm smile.

INEXPLICABLE ( the state of happiness I am within)

the world suddenly seems to have changed into a lovable
that is certainly inexplicable

people around me seem to drown me into their care
everything in the world now seems to be fair

the more new people i meet the more happiness i am wrapped
now i dont feel lonely any more nor do i feel trapped

just a small advice to my friends, dont be materialistic
rather always be happy on happy and be artistic

life will never give you reasons to cry
be happy on small things and get new opportunities of happiness to try

then you unhappiness will be away and you will be capable
to get the feelings of happiness of what is inexplicable

SMILE ( just have it and you wont have any troubles )

every morning when I wake, i cherish it with a smile
it gives me the power, to go that extra mile

whenever i am abused by someone my ears dont listen
then i just laugh enough in mind till i make my eyes dampen

every trouble that comes
even starts laughing by the smile is only the outcome

i laugh a lot when i listen to people criticizing me
the pretend i am not important, but they end up talking about me

i smile with the children who without any worries are laughing
and i helps me to throw out those worries that are pricking

so make your laughter the pic of your identity
then you will get rid of worries and live with sanctity

life has lot of reasons to laugh and very little reasons to cry
just chill relax and dont let worry get the brain to fry


WHENEVER YOU FEEL LOW ( just see around)

whenever you feel low, just see around
be it the sky,the twittering birds, or just the ground

you will find many things to cheer you up
whether be the soothing winds,a photograph or a coffee full cup

if you had a break up, marks went down or life is not going right on the mile
dont stain the knife with the blood of your nerves,dont hang your weight on the fan by the neck,dont feel that everythign has ended in the world
rather stand up and SMILE

thank god for providing such an event
so that you will never again come through such a dent
look at the brightest side in your life of everything that is bad
then you will feel good about it and never feel sad

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  1. mithu adhikary says:

    All the best wishes to Jeet. Thanks Shukulda for projecting new talents and giving them a platform. Jeet really has a reason to smile.

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