I lost you somewhere, within the fissures of my solitude, into the maze of time-ever flowing, incessant, cruel. I have often tried to locate the lost space, where your smiling and mischievous eyes still probe deep into my soul. Were we in love? I really do not know. Yet I lost you in an eternal search spanning thousands of kilometers of time, traversing the unknown territory of life. All I can say, I have lived with ‘you’ in me.

So many times I felt your touch in that lost space, luring my mind away from me. Your hair brushed my face among that intimate corner of landscape, leaving me alone with you- alone with myself. At times I felt you softly tucked me away, from the mad rush of the new 21st century realities, along with you, to meander into the tranquil wilderness. No one else was really there, only you and me. But I lost you somewhere, long ago.
So, it is only me, with ‘you’ in me!

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