HAPPINESS ( hidden in small packets)

HAPPINESS ( hidden in small packets)

Jeet Uttam Kumar Choudhury( BA-1, Chinese Deptt, Visva Bharati)

Today while i was on my way
i was thinking about the rain that happened today
it rained the whole day
it had been mud and dirt spilled on the way

a beautiful scene came to my sight
that filled my heart with happiness and emotions bright
some children having their own plight
were jumping and playing in the mud with all their might

i was lot amazed to see the view
the thoughts of my chilhood i was forced to have a review
this was something which i didnt do in my childhood and was new
but then some thoughts came to my purview

i dont know what dragged me into this
but i also went and joined the ” mud coated bliss”
i felt like i am a kid and i was always like this
happiness is not in luxury but hidden in events like this

i feel like today i have climbed mount everest
and feel a lot happy and can do a lot of things in the unrest
today a lot of good things have happened to me that are best
among which is this one which has sparked a flame in my beating chest

we dont need to search happiness
it is somewhere near and just waiting to be released from the supress
i am feeling like am a lot free today from the stress
when i saw myself in the mirror seeing my mud stained body and the mind fresh

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  1. Pradyot Bhanja says:

    ঠিক কথা !!


  2. Tapas Basu says:

    Happiness is a state of mind & you have found it, more importantly you have shared it with us which makes others happy as well…..

    Well Done …

  3. mithu adhikary says:

    Part credit goes to your wife too who has set you free, who has been with you , indirectly, in all your endeavour to search the beautiful meaning of life. She has not clipped your wings as normally the wives do. I think thats why you are happy from within and that enables to find happiness all around. Of course you are blessed with finer senses too! Jai ho!

    • mithu adhikary says:

      Shukulda, I missed the name of the author, thought it was written by you. Anyway, what i wrote about u, i think holds good. You are a free and happy-go-lucky man!

      • Shubhashis says:

        Pakhi ki ar jale bandha pore re? Ba jale-e phank phokor gulo chine rakhte hoy? Ultimately bou-keo to jal chariye akashe niye bhaste hobe, eksomoy bou-er-o to icche hobe dana melar….jotoi na songsar koruk! Tor belay-o golpota ek-i hobe. Dekhe nis!

    • jeet choudhury says:

      sorry sir but i am not married i am a student in visva bharti 1st year chinese department

      • Shubhashis says:

        Do not worry, as we ex-students are normally all married, some one mistook you to be one amongst us! Anyway, you too will some day come into our fold.
        Your poetry was liked by us and we hope to publish more from you.

  4. jeet choudhury says:

    i have posted my new writing titled “INEXPLICABLE” please do have a look

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