1For your eyes only,
With sizzling and drizzling rain,
All over and all around, again,
Penning poems, I am just trying to be wise,
It is time to delve into the dancer’s paradise!
23Looking at life around,
Dancing most of the times,
Pausing at others, pondering, probing and contemplative,
Nothing is really assertive!
Truth is changing its colour,
It is always the rainbow at the offering!
45Pick and choose from memory, exasperating,
It is always best to get on the floor, dancing.
Don’t know how man invented dance,
We only heard that lord Shiva often angry,
Disgusted at the overall plight,
Jumped and danced at those tumultuous times,
Only to keep the balance right!
So, you see, Dancing is a balancing act,
We all need to perform with tact,
To keep our life in track!
67Do not step on her toes, while dancing,
She might get hurt, or look menacing.
Just hold her light, and let her move.
It is joy to embrace life like a dancer,
And not to cling like a baby,
Do not make matters heavy!
Fleet footed, allow time to gather wind in her wings,
And off….off we all go…towards eternal swings!
89For your eyes only, in this dancer’s paradise,
Offer life a twinkling smile, which will suffice!
Running, falling down and getting up,
All in a swift motion, the ‘Dance’,
Ever made spicy by the one tricky ‘chance’,
I am right here in front of you,
Ready to embrace you with love!
Happy dove!
1011No, the world is not for peace!
It is dance, chance and romance,
Just be at the right ambiance.
And yes, Santiniketan, of all places,
Rightly embraces,
The true spirit of exchanges with life,
It may be joy, maybe strife,
But it is good to feel that things are alive.
1213By the way, I wanted to learn Samba,
But the butterfly shouted at me ‘Helluva,
Just step on, you crazy fellow,
We are all here to accept you with a nice hello!’
Oops, hardly thought life can be this simple,
Now I find there is time ample,
To dance on, over the petals,
On your eye lids, around your mind,
And never to worry about what has been left behind!
1415For your eyes only,
With sizzling and drizzling rain,
All over and all around again,
Without restrain,
I take my dancing flights over this world of pain.


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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Bharati Singh
    PoRlam.Asadharon Tor Tola Sab Chhobigulo!! Lekhatao Bhalo Laglo,Share Korbo Re?

    Rupamanjari Biswas
    Right, Bhaiya, dance away your blues……

    Ramyani Dasgupta
    This is actually so nostalgic Shubhashis da

    Diyali Lahiri
    Ki je bhalo laglo, ek jholok dekhei. Ebar bhalo kore boro screen e dekhchhi. Thank you Bhaiya, for sharing with me.Khub mondiye porlam, delhlam ar mone mone jog dilam.

    Papiya Sanyal
    Darun lekha r totodhik sundor chobi gulo.

    Madhumita Bhattacharya

    Asit Ghosh
    Soothing is that indeed..

    Mohan Kumaran P
    Shubhashis Mitra Da; I am beyond words, spell bound. Words are not capable of expressing emotions. You wrote poetry with camera and pictures with words. I regret for not knowing you properly.. Great pics, poetic diction.. great language flow, fluidity.. rhymes..rhythms.. WOW & WOW.. Keep going…

    Hemanta Kumar Yaikhom

    Manob Mistri
    Visan valo collection.

    Sap Sapanto
    Mamo chitte ….

    Chandrani Mukherjee
    Khub bhalo laglo lekhata, ei natun style cholte thakuk.

    Simontika Deb
    The world is still green because of a few like you ,a wonderful creator be it lens or pen ,your creation touches our heart!
    Sukul,ami kintu tor boiyer apekkhay achhi .lekha,chhobi ,kobita helay harashna ,tui nije er je kee mullyo bujhi sh kina janina .bhabikaler egulo porom roton !

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