‘Faces of London’ by Dr Debabrata Sircar

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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Shubhashis Mitra:-

    Debabrata Sircar-The interesting part of the article is the perspective from which the subject is being tackled. In one way or other, it is the life of people who has been made the focus of observation. The plurality of a metro is well articulated; the sublime spirit of a Londoner is perhaps yet to be explored. Among all this milieu, somewhere deep down each city should harbour some spirit; actually all cities in the past had a definite spirit- a Londoner was at some point in past identifiably different from a New Yorker – but the multi racial globalized movements slowly wiped off such differences. The aspirations and dreams also changed accordingly; the most significant part is that we do not find any social movements generating from a metro city any more. The intellect of the great cities have become too diverse now. Debabrata, do you have anything to say on this?

    Deb Sircar:-
    Yes, in part II.

    Sucharita Majumdar
    A very good one. Sincerely wish to visit this city one day.

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