bonduk gulti ar purushotto

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  1. Shubhashis says:

    Thankfully or not, I always missed my Gulti shots! Thats one instrument I could never handle efficiently, much to my won annoyance! One may call, in the terms expressed in the article by Bisshojitda, the missing of the target each time might mean that – ‘My Purushotta was perhaps a bit wayward’ then! In these days the previous expression might mean a lot, but in our times it was a fairly legitimate expression. Ha Ha, immensely enjoyed the article, including the twists!

  2. madhumita bhattacharya says:

    Awesome ….. full of nostalgia …. such people are much above the gender division…. they are HUMAN…. !

  3. ravi kant dwivedi says:

    is the firing or killing only criteria to judge someones “PURUSATTYO (manliness)” ? men or rather humans are also part of the great nature and should live in harmony with all. But at the same time if someone try to attack then holding a gun and killing in self defense is mandatory.
    The write-up is excellent and we need more like these!!!

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