An interesting piece of observation on his recent visit to Patha Bhavan by Shri Indrajit Moitra


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  1. Shubhashis Mitra says:

    Could not resist sharing a few thoughts along with Indrajit Moitra; incidentally I affectionately call him ‘Guru Toro Dada’- simply because it is invariavly Sri Indrajit Moitra who would often raise issues specifically on Patha Bhavana aided by his fluent prose in Bengali.
    Visva Bharati, both student & faculty number wise and in fund allocation, has now become a behemoth of the area with just the salary bill somewhere around Rs 14-15 Crore per month. It is now a much bigger institute in size and dimensions than Patha Bhavana and Siksha Satra combined. Historically these two schools were the basic foundation on which the University was built on. Now the foundation (i.e the two schools) is relatively small, the institution Visva Bharati has become much top heavy with many diversification in several fields.
    Naturally, today Visva Bharati does not mean Patha Bhavana and Siksha Satra, or for that matter neither Kala Bhavana & Sangit Bhavana, or all four units combined. In consequence the importance of the school section has reduced to a great extent; alarmingly many faculty members of colleges here do not send their wards to these schools- so the relevance of the school units got diminished within the staff of Visva Bharati as well.
    My personal experience, is however, that in spite of several short comings Patha Bhavana & Siksha Satra are still the best schools in this area. One of the short comings of these two schools is that the desired change not being affected to make the school cater to modern standards even within the basic framework of Tagorean ideals. Old might certainly be gold; but all that is new can not be bad either- so few new chapters needs to be ushered in to make these two schools the very best among the Bengali medium schools in West Bengal. I feel, somebody needs to think along this line, at this juncture.

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